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We have adapted to the continuously changing market. Our unique supplies of traditional and genuine ingredients help us being one of the most recognized food suppliers and distributors in the United Kingdom.
Today, our product range is structured, eclectic, and unique amongst those imported into the UK, comprising products from all around the Arabic and Mediterranean wholesaler UK, Europe, and the Middle East. With this ethos, IFoodUK became a pioneer in the categories of Olive oil, non-alcoholic drinks, food cupboard, desert and baklava and diary products, and introducing many products into the UK. These include the now well-known cheeses, as well as Kalamata Olives, Tahini paste, Tamrah Sweets, and Filo pastry leaves amongst many others.

New products of iFood UK Store

Brand: Fest
Fest Coffee Pot No.5Height 7cm(6 units)..
Najjar Cafe Selection Ground Arabica Turkish Arabic Coffee Powder is a dark roasted traditional coffee with a rich distinctive flavour and aroma.This ..
It contains countless qualities of flowers: mint, clover, solidago, sweet clover, alfalfa, sunflower. Slightly aromatic in flavour, it ranges in colou..
Brand: El Almendro
The production process of creamy almond turron is a complicated one and is always supervised by our master turron-makers to ensure it reaches the exac..
Brand: Mezete
MEZETE Hummus Classic12 x 215g..
Brand: Massara
IngredientsPistachio, Walnut, Cashew, Pine, Butter, Wheat Flour, Wheat Starch, Water, Sugar..
MULATE - Organic Chocolate (Peanut) - 80g MULATE - Organic Chocolate (Peanut) - 80g
            Dark milk organic chocolate with peanut butter. A rich tasting buttery smooth bar that melts in your mouth. ..
Brand: Loumides
Loumides Greek Coffee(12 x 490g)..

iFood UK news & updates

24 Sep It is our pleasure to be a part of the London Halal Festival. Visit us at stand: B37
0 16
It is our pleasure to be a part of the London Halal Festival. Visit us at stand: B37..
18 Sep The natural and healthy el Almendro crunchy almond turron
0 20
The natural and healthy el Almendro crunchy almond turron round offers a unique flavor. Prepared wit..
09 Sep AL AMIRA - Mixed  nuts (Super)
0 29
AL AMIRA - Mixed nuts (Super)A healthy and nutritious snack for best times..

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