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We have adapted to the continuously changing market. Our unique supplies of traditional and genuine ingredients help us being one of the most recognized food suppliers and distributors in the United Kingdom.
Today, our product range is structured, eclectic, and unique amongst those imported into the UK, comprising products from all around the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Middle East. With this ethos, IFoodUK became a pioneer in the categories of Olive oil, non-alcoholic drinks, food cupboard, desert and baklava and diary products, and introducing many products into the UK. These include the now well-known cheeses, as well as Kalamata Olives, Tahini paste, Tamrah Sweets, and Filo pastry leaves amongst many others.

New products of iFood UK Store

Brand: Ibaklawa
Treat yourself with this delicious caramel chocolate coated macadamia...
Filippo Berio Organic Ex-Virgin Olive OilGlass.(6x500ml)..
Brand: Mezap
Mezap Halva - Pistachio(6 x 250g)..
Brand: Tamrah
Blend of caramel and pure chocolate with a supple soft date stuffed with almond makes it luscious and hard to resist.Chocolate Dates Caramel is availa..
Brand: Ibaklawa
Treat yourself with this delicious white chocolate cappuccino coated pecans...
Brand: Tamrah
Rich coffee-infused chocolate gives date-wrapped almonds a warm, satisfying taste and hard to resist.Chocolate Dates Cappuccino is available onli..
Anabtawi Mamoul Date Classic 500g
Best Sale
Brand: Anabtawi
Anabtawi Mamoul Date Classic ..
Brand: Parfait
Parfait Mythical Collection Greek Loukoumi with Raisin(6 x 200g)..
Brand: Amaia
Amaia Pastellaki Bar - Cocktail(10 x 65g)..
Brand: Makedoniki
Makedoniki - Sweet Red Cherries in Syrup(6 x 500g)..
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